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Those Marvelous Maritime Museums The warmth of the sun and the fresh salt air were working their magic as I felt myself sliding into that peaceful reverie that comes from sailing on a perfect summer's day. I was only vaguely aware, as we glided below the towering masts and spars of a square-rigged whaling ship, that my mind was having a little trouble correctly identifying the century I was sailing in . . . .Go To Article


America's Oldest City: Founded by Spanish adventurer and explorer Pedro Menandez de Aviles, in 1565, St Augustine has been around long enough to perfect a culture that is both richly sophisticated and deliciously laid back . . . .Go To Article



Connecticut's Captivating Coast: Connecticut's southeast coast is an oasis of beauty and history with two distinctly different flavors. Along the Connecticut River Valley, the ancient, rolling New England farmland offers a timeless, pastoral feel. But along the coast, lie weathered, salty towns that trace their history to the days when Connecticut's fleet of windjammers plied the world's oceans with trade. . . Go To Article




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